Research Archives for 2019

Bad trend: Tuition share doubles

In 30 years, the share of public higher-education financed by tuition has doubled in Iowa. Meanwhile, total state support for higher education fell 22 percent.

Pushing local services, workers aside

Whatever happens on the pension side of this property tax limitation bill, Iowans should not miss the significant consequences for local public services.

Undermining democracy: local finance straitjacket

Despite stable city and county property taxes in Iowa, a proposal in the Legislature would impose unprecedented state control over local decisions.

Iowa’s generous breaks on inheritance

Eliminating Iowa's inheritance tax would cut $90 million worth of services. Yet already, the tax does not exist for spouses, children and grandchildren.

Business breaks as usual

Companies received $42 million in research tax credit checks in 2018 without paying any Iowa corporate income tax.

What the Governor didn’t say

Governor Reynolds’ Condition of the State address was upbeat, but exceedingly short on specifics of issues critical to the prosperity of Iowans.

Tax inequity: Iowa’s continuing story

Iowa stacks taxes against middle, low-income Iowans Study: New state tax law reinforces long-term trend of regressive taxes Iowa summary sheet (PDF) IOWA CITY, Iowa (Oct. 17, 2018) — Iowa taxes its middle- and low-income families more as a share Read more

Data: Opportunity for family security

One out of nine Iowans lack basic economic security by the Census’ measure.

Skimpy health plans: No solution

Farm Bureau plans aren’t the only type of skimpy coverage that could pose a threat in Iowa.

Tax plan facts vs. spin


Agreed-to tax overhaul for Iowa means less revenue, greater inequity favoring the wealthy, while missing the mark on promised reforms for simplification and middle class.