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IFP’s 2018 Tax Policy Kit 

• A resource page with links to key issues in Iowa’s 2018 tax debates  

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180312-FNA-finalGovernor’s plan: Setting the stage for costly cuts in services
• Reforms for fairness and simplicity are achievable without losing revenue
• Analysis of the proposed expansion of Iowa’s 529 program to K-12

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On top of Iowa’s current structural budget shortfall, the Governor’s plan would produce annual reductions to the state General Fund of up to nearly $300 million — while benefiting wealthy taxpayers and further shortchanging Iowa’s responsibility to quality public education, affordable higher education, protection of air and water, and services for mental health.
By Peter Fisher, Iowa Policy Project

Senate plan: Rising inequity and severe cuts in revenue 

Overall the Senate plan would erode revenues, create structural budget deficits for years to come, and force cuts certain to imperil Iowa’s basic infrastructure and traditionally accepted responsibilities for its residents.

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Basic RGBCostly frills: Extending the 529 deduction to K-12 private-school costs
• A largely insignificant benefit to Iowans who already can afford private K-12 school
• Analysis of the proposed expansion of Iowa’s 529 program to K-12

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By Peter Fisher, Iowa Policy Project



Modernizing Iowa’s sales tax: Leveling the playing field  

•  Governor Reynolds’ plan would secure needed revenue from e-commerce and remote sales  
•  Further measures could ease regressive impact to lower- and moderate-income families

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By Charles Bruner for the Iowa Fiscal Partnership


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