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Under the radar


Dangerous change to Iowa Constitution
 Proposed amendment undercuts state’s ability to meet responsibilities to Iowans
By Peter Fisher
A constitutional amendment to cap state spending — approved by the Senate and soon to be considered in the House — is Read more

Tax credits: Not all same


The bill treats all tax credits as if they are the same. They are not. This false equivalency ignores the fact that these credits, some with refundability, were all created for different purposes and produce different results.

Real story of Iowa shortfalls


Moral Mondays Iowa presentation
Peter Fisher and Mike Owen of the Iowa Policy Project spoke on behalf of the Iowa Fiscal Partnership on March 13 at the weekly Moral Mondays Iowa! event at the State Capitol. View the slideshow below Read more

Millions more of the same


It is really time to examine whether this is a wise use of what legislators tell us are scarce resources.

Repealing ACA: Pushing thousands of Iowans to the brink


Repealing the ACA without an adequate replacement jeopardizes the health care coverage and economic well-being of the most vulnerable Iowans.